Tufcot® Material Grades

Tufcot® material comes in a number of grades each with its own special properties.

The Tufcot® T100 Material Grade is our standard grade resin. Its key features are:

• Tufcot’s Standard Grade
• Operates to a Maximum Constant Temperature of 100 Degrees Celsius
• Used in General Bearing Applications
• Co-efficient of Friction Value of Approx. 0.2 Against Stainless Steel in Dry Running Conditions

The Tufcot® T200 Material Grade isa higher temperature resin system. Its key features are:

• Suited to High Temperatures
• Withstands 100 Degrees Centigrade Constant
• Limited Chemical Resistance
• Withstands 120 Degrees Centigrade Intermittent

Tufcot® Material Grades

The Tufcot® T400 Material Grade is a fire-retardant grade of resin.Its key features are:

• Fire Retardant
• Can Self-Extinguish Within Seconds after Contact with a Naked Flame
• Suitable for Underground Mining
• Commonly Used in Mining, Oil and Gas Sectors

The Tufcot® T600 Material Grade is a Bisphenol resin ideally suited for chemical resistant applications. Its key features are:

• Ideally Suited to Chemical Resistant Applications
• Can Be Used with Many Lubricants
• Can Operate in Temperature of 100 Degrees Celcius
• Co-efficient of Friction Value of 0.18 – 0.2 Against Stainless Steel in Dry Conditions


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